The perfect Turkey sandwich

Sandwich, Wrap, Turkey, Mayo

In actuality, some Americans admit to purchasing two turkeys and cooking the second one just to save for Sandwiches later – our family has been doing this for years now and it’s a tradition within a tradition, but now the secret is out. It is smart to have two-Turkeys anyhow, just in case you run out.

The typical Turkey has quite a bit of meat on it and that means leftovers. When making a turkey sandwich you will need to me very methodical and you want to focus on the ingredients. A purist Turkey Sandwich eater will use real Mayonnaise, seasoning salt and obviously the main ingredient; Turkey. Others find that it tastes better with extras such as:




Slice of Cranberry,


Swiss Cheese,



Still others put on a little stuffing, gravy and use a Wildlife Removal bread – Sure this works fine also, a mini-taste of this Thanksgiving Supper between two pieces of bread. Myself, maybe like you really just like to eat the Turkey Sandwiches the best.

So, if you are having Thanksgiving at somebody else’s home this year, you may want to try and pick up just a couple of turkey leftovers to take home and experiment to see which way you like it best, but do not be surprised if the host says; No Way! Since chances are this is the very reason that they volunteered to make the Thanksgiving Feast this year – so they could have the Turkey Sandwiches all to themselves.

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